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They just keep comin'. . .

I have the honor to announce that I've just published another volume of translated Old Norse sagas. . .


The Saga of Fridthjof the Bold (Friðþjófs saga inn frækni) was the first saga to be completely translated into English, back in 1839. It was probably the most popular saga in the 19th century, for its scenes of heroism, romance, and magic, and especially for the love story between the hero Fridthjof and his beloved Ingibjorg. Fridthjof's Saga inspired operas, symphonies, paintings, songs, and epic poems, notably Esaias Tegnér's epic cycle Frithiofs saga, a foundation of modern Swedish poetry that became internationally famous in its own right. Fridthjof's Saga was largely forgotten in the 20th century -- the last translation into English was published in 1928 and has long been out of print. But I thought it just might deserve a fresh translation and a new look -- partly because it's a fun story, and partly because it was a major influence (if not quite historically accurate) on our cultural conceptions of what the Vikings were like.

I've also translated the "prequel" to Friðþjófs saga, the rambling, swashbuckling Þorsteins saga Víkingssonar, The Saga of Thorstein Vikingsson; and a "sequel", Víkars þáttr or The Tale of King Vikar, which gives information on Fridthjof's descendants. And there's plenty of notes and commentary for those who like that sort of thing, giving cultural and historical background on this sequence of sagas.

The Sagas of Fridthjof the Bold will eventually be listed on Amazon.com and be orderable through various channels -- but that's in the works and may take a few weeks. But it is available now, directly from Lulu.com, in print ($12.99) or as a download ($5). Check it out!
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