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Yet another book of translations!

I have the honor to announce that I've just published yet another book of sagas and tales translated from Old Norse. This one's 258 pages long -- the largest book I've ever done -- and includes four sagas and six shorter tales. It's called. . . Sagas of Giants and Heroes, and you can get it from Lulu.com at


The book should be out on Amazon.com in about a month.

Huge in stature; living in far-distant wastelands; sometimes comically stupid or crude; but possessing vast wealth and knowledge -- such are the giants of Norse myth and legend. Giants and trolls play pivotal roles in Norse mythology, and they live on in these legendary sagas of old times, as well as in folklore and popular belief.

The sagas in this book are collected here in new English translations for the first time. All tell of mighty giants, and of the heroes who dared to face them, fight them, and sometimes befriend them. These epic tales of voyages, wars, and romance will appeal to both scholars of Norse mythology and fans of Viking adventure.

The sagas include: Kjalnesinga saga (Saga of the Kjalarnes People); Hálfdanar saga Brönufóstra (Saga of Halfdan, Brana's Fosterling); Sörla saga sterka (Saga of Sorli the Strong); and Illuga saga Gríðarfóstra (Saga of Illugi, Grid's Fosterling). The tales include: Hálfdanar þáttr svarta (Tale of Halfdan the Black); Hauks þáttr hábrokar (Tale of Hauk High-Breeches); Jökuls þáttr Búasonar (Tale of Jokul Buason); Brandkrossa þáttr (Tale of Brindle-Cross); an excerpt from Fljótsdæla saga (Saga of the Fljotsdal People); and Inntak úr söguþætti af Ásmundi flagðagæfu (Tale of Asmund Ogre-Lucky). A full introduction, copious annotation, and a substantial bibliography are provided.
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