dr_beowulf (dr_beowulf) wrote,

Yet ANOTHER book. . .

Well, I'm at it again. . . my fourth book of translated Icelandic sagas has been published. The Sagas of Hrafnista is a "cycle" of four sagas about four different members of a family from the Norwegian island of Hrafnista (modern Ramsta).

These are classic "legendary" sagas, with everything from a dragon to some hideous giants to plenty of crazed berserks and wicked enchanters. At the same time, these sagas are set just a couple of generations before the settlement of Iceland, and the heroes are said to be ancestors of prominent Icelandic families. . . so these are the kinds of stories that Icelanders once told about their origins, and they may have a dimly remembered, almost obscured historical core.

Anyway, these were fun to work on, and (I hope) fun to read. The paperback may be had here, or a PDF is available for download here.

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